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White Paper

Overview – Algorand Retail Keep (ARK)

Algorand Retail Keep ASA (Algorand Standard Asset) # 582992106 is a token built on the Algorand blockchain. ARK owns an application which allows its consumers to purchase ARK merchandise using USD.  Our mission is to provide a marketplace for our fellow Algonauts to acquire gear to show their support for Algorand, ARK, and potentially other ASA’s as we progress as a company.  Our goal is to some day offer the option to customize our merchandise to showcase the ASA of the consumer’s choosing.  We are currently focused on supplying our customers with jackets, however intend to expand into other ALGO swag in the future.  We also intend on accepting ALGO and ARK as a form of payment for all merchandise, at a discount.


To enable our fellow Algorand fanatics the opportunity to purchase merchandise, proudly displaying the Algorand, ARK, and other ASA brands with the intention of bolstering our community.


Token distribution

  • 10 billion total coins

  • 4 billion coins reserved for liquidity pools, starting with 500 million in Tinyman

  • 1.5 billion for the team (over min of 5 year period)

  • 1 billion coins reserved for ASA Presale

  • 1 billion coins reserved for staking rewards for our coin holders who stake

  • 1 billion for expenses - transaction fees, website, etc.

  • 500 million coins reserved for liquidity pool provider rewards

  • 500 million coins for marketing

  • 500 million coins for promotions and giveaways

How Does ARK Work?

The ARK site will operate as a typical ecommerce store, providing consumers with ALGO/ARK/ASA gear.  All merchandise will be ordered and maintained at a central warehouse prior to being listed on the site to mitigate shipping time.  When the total quantity of a specific item has been sold, the site is automated to stop accepting new orders for said item, and switch the status of the item from “available” to “out of stock”.  Our customers will have an option to select a “back in stock request” which will notify our team that there is a demand for a product that is currently out of stock.  As the site becomes more successful, we will increase the diversity of products being offered.  Initially, we will begin by selling jackets.


Our reason for starting this site was twofold, (A) to provide ALGO merchandise to our ALGO community and (B) to produce an ASA that has actual utility.  ARK will be among the first ASA’s to have utility.  We are developing a method of accepting ARK as another form of payment for our merchandise.  We intend to offer our products at a discounted rate for those who opt to pay using ALGO, and an even larger discount to those who opt to use ARK.  We foresee this strategy as a way to further increase the demand for ALGO as well as incentivizing the purchase of ARK.  We project this may also have a positive impact on potential liquidity providers.

How to get ARK

ARK can be purchased from Tinyman through as we are providing tokens in the ARK-ALGO liquidity pool.  Other liquidity pools will be created in Tinyman and other exchanges as they become available.  

ARK ASA Presale

Our ASA Presale will begin 17 April @ 1200 and end 08 May @ 1200. We have set the presale price of each ARK Coin to be 0.00025 ALGO. We will be selling them in increments of 50 ALGO, with a maximum of 1000 ALGO per wallet address. In other words, 50 ALGO would purchase 200,000 ARKs and the limit is 4,000,000 ARKs per wallet address during the presale. We have set aside 1 Billion ARKS for the presale, however it is unlikely we will sell all of them. What goes unsold will end up back in the pot designated for liquidity adds in the future. Our tracker for the ASA Presale can be found at Our wallet address for the ARK ASA Presale is QP5VBHA4AMPQAFWPVZQYPEZR5JI4T2DDN4RWENYYRHFAQ42K3VAGLH4LIQ .  Please ensure you add our asset 582992106 to your wallet before sending us presale requests.  All ALGOs raised during the Presale will be added to ARK ASA Liquidity.

Purchasing with ALGO Tracker

Anyone who opts to purchase our merchandise using Algorand (ALGOs) may do so at a discount of 10% off all items.  As of 17 April 2022, all ALGO purchase will be conducted manually until we find a third party to use who accepts ALGO.  

If you choose to pay in ALGOs, please send us an email at Title the Subject "ALGO Jacket Purchase". In the email, include your name, ALGO Wallet Address, Home Address, Phone Number, and Email Address (if different than the one used to contact us). We need your name and address for shipping, ALGO Wallet for payment confirmation, and your phone number for shipment tracking through USPS. Also include in your email the number of jackets, size, and color.  We have created this Google Sheet for tracking purposes:

Wallet Addresses

A current list of wallets associated with this project can be found below. Any future wallets will be added below.

Main Wallet (initial liquidity, holding tokens):


Escrow Wallet:


ASA Presale Wallet:



history for these wallets can be seen at


Everything in this document is accurate at the time of writing.  If any significant details need to be changed, this information will be pushed to the wider community for feedback.

ASA Verification Disclaimer

AlgoExplorer is an independent project and has no affiliation with Algorand Inc. or the Algorand Foundation. Our verification badge only verifies that a determined ASA belongs to the right owner, we do not endorse projects and we suggest you help your community to be aware of this statement. The verification badge will appear in the AlgoExplorer and the MyAlgo wallet (and any other product that uses our API). The Algorand mobile wallet uses Algorand's API, therefore, you will have to contact their team to get the respective token verification for their wallet.

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