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ARK, The Dawn of a Revolution

First of all, welcome! Thank you for taking the time to check out our website and our Blogs.

Our ultimate goal here has multiple facets. First, we want to expand the awareness of #Algorand. Algorand is a #Cryptocurrency currently ranked 29th in . We also want to increase public exposure to #AlgorandStandardAssets or ASA's. Our plan is to offer our products in USD while offering a discount for those who opt to pay in ALGO's (the Algorand currency), and an even greater discount for those who want to pay using ARKs (our ASA and currency). We hope to attract a largely diverse group of customers, supporters, and followers who take the time to explore why our company decided to base our enterprise on Algorand.

Secondly, we noticed there is a huge opportunity modern day e-commerce is missing out on by not accepting Cryptos as a form of payment. And to our knowledge, as of this very moment in time there are zero ASA's that are being used to purchase tangible items. While it is possible that we will accept an array of Cryptos as payment, in the realm of ASAs we will only be accepting ARKs. If we were to being accepting other ASAs, we have no bearing over the success or failure of said ASA. ASAs are still highly volatile and a relatively new concept, and at a minimum we know the devs of ARK. It's us.

Our first line of products are jackets. We initially ordered 500 jackets from our manufacturer after diligent research. We decided on 500 as it was affordable and manageable; 500 jackets will also give us time to gauge public interest and unlikely to sell-out quickly as a start-up company. We will be expanding our product line options (we are looking into winter hats, baseball caps, vests, etc.) and highly encourage input from anyone who cares to provide us with some. Our intention is to offer products that are comparable to companies like #ColumbiaSportswear and #TheNorthFace.

Lastly, we want to be transparent to everyone who shows interest in our company, our products, and/or our ASA. Our first opportunity to do so comes down to our considerations for manufacturers. In a world that is so politically tumultuous, we want to mitigate that in relation to Algorand Retail Keep. We will not engage in manufacturers that support sweatshop-like practices. If we discover down the road one of our manufacturers has been without our knowledge, we will find a new manufacturer. We are highly interested in finding manufacturers that use "greener" practices. We want to support companies in regions of the world that are dealing with potential economic, environmental, or political crisis'. For example, we are currently looking at companies in the Ukraine. We want ARK to benefit no just our customers, but those who provide us with our products as well. It's great if we can provide you with quality merchandise and we can make a profit to expand and grow, but not at the expense of the downtrodden.

Thank you again for stopping by and checking us out. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please reach out to our email . You can also follow our sub-Reddit a . We will be posting polls on our sub-Reddit to gauge interest in products, colors, sizes, etc., so please follow us so we can hear your voice.

Take care and stay safe, everyone!

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